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Here are all the possible playoff scenarios for the NA LCS Spring Split

There are three ways CLG could still make playoffs.

Riot Games

When everything is said and done, this NA LCS split might have one of the simplest playoff pictures of any in the last several years. Heading into the last week of play, four teams are already qualified — though their seeds aren’t locked in yet — and three teams are eliminated from contention completely. That leaves just three teams vying for a two spots in the Spring Split playoffs: Team Liquid, TSM, and Counter Logic Gaming.

For Team Liquid and TSM, things are pretty cut and dry. Each team only has to win one game this week and they’re in. Things being simple for those two means Counter Logic Gaming’s road to playoffs is a whole lot more complicated.

So, let’s breakdown what exactly would have to go right for CLG to make playoffs.

First of all, CLG is going to have to win both of its games this weekend — there’s no way around that step. Next, they’re going to have to hope that either TSM, Team Liquid, or both, lose their matches this weekend as well.

If TSM loses both matches and CLG wins all of their own, those two teams will face off in a tie breaker for the final playoff spot. If TL loses and CLG wins, then those two teams will be put into a tie breaker. If both teams lose and CLG wins, then all three will have a tie breaker. In the NA LCS, a three-way tie would first be broken by placing the team with the highest strength of victory score (determined by the quality of teams they have beaten) directly into the playoffs, while the other two teams are forced to play to decide who will advance.

In other words, things aren’t looking great for Counter Logic Gaming’s chances at playoffs, but stranger things have happened. Each match from the final week of the NA LCS Spring Split will be shown live on the Riot Games YouTube and Twitch channels, as well as on