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Malzahar and Kassadin get updated stories

The Void seems to only offer tragedy.

Riot Games

Thanks to the new Void lore reboot, Kassadin and Malzahar have gotten completely new bios.

Kassadin is a wandering desert man. His name, which is a nickname given to him when he was a boy, roughly translates to “whom does the desert know?” After spending much of his life as a street-urchin-turned-desert-guide, Kassadin finally settled down in a small village and had a wife and daughter (Kai’Sa).

His job, that of a League of Legends style Indiana Jones, took him all across Runeterra. One day when he was traveling, he learned that his village had collapsed. His wife was killed and he believed that his daughter also perished. Out of vengeance, he vowed to kill “the Prophet” of the Void, who he believed brought about this tragedy. He packed up, stole the Nether Blade of Horok, and ventured deep into the Void seeking revenge for his loved ones.

Malzahar on the other hand has been having a great time. Born with the power to tell the future, Malzahar would peddle fortunes all around his small, desert town. As he gained fame and power, he became dissatisfied with life. Eventually, he felt a pull toward the ruins of Icathia and the Void. He entered the dark place and left a changed man.

Now known as “the Prophet,” Malzahar spreads the will of the Void into the desert. He gained followers, had them sacrifice themselves, and used his void powers to further his dark master’s will. This caused the Void to begin erupting again, swallowing the Runeterra one piece at a time.

These two stories are both tragic in their own way and mix right in with the lore of Kai’Sa. We still don’t know much about the Void, but at least now we can definitively say: it sucks.