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Darius, Leblanc, and Katarina all get lore updates ahead of Swain’s rework

Noxus’ biggest figures get updated backstories.

Riot Games

Swain’s rework is just around the corner, Riot is using it as an opportunity to rewrite the lore of some of the largest Noxian figures in League of Legends.

On Monday, Riot released newly updated character bios for Leblanc and Katarina, while Darius got a new bio as well as a short story. For Leblanc and Darius, their history is closely tied to that of Swain, the Grand General of Noxus, but Katarina’s is more directly connected to the city, barely mentioning Swain himself, and never by name.

Darius was a Noxian orphan who rose through the military ranks to become one of Swain’s top generals, though in his story he attempts to betray the Noxian leader while under the control of someone he calls, “the pale sorceress.” In her bio, it’s revealed that Leblanc is exactly that sorceress. Leblanc uses her power of deception and illusion to do battle with the greatest rival of her and — her secret society, the Black Rose — Jericho Swain. Meanwhile, Katarina was a noble-born assassin who failed to kill the correct target and brought shame to her family, causing her to enter a self imposed exile.

All these lore updates are coming just days before Swain’s rework, which includes both his gameplay and lore, is to be released with Patch 8.3 which should go live on Wednesday.