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Kai’Sa is Kassadin’s long lost daughter

The prodigal child returns.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Kassadin’s story, allow us to fill you in. Kassadin’s daughter was lost to the Void, years and years ago when she was just a child. Kassadin had lost his health and part of his humanity looking for her. Until recently, we thought that she would never resurface.

But a few weeks ago, Swain had quite an interesting tease for us, suggesting that Kassadin’s daughter has found her own way out of the Void.

Well, now we’ve all been introduced to League’s newest champion: Kai’Sa. Thanks to her interactions on the PBE, we can now confirm that she is the long lost daughter of Kassadin, returned from the Void. But both she and her father have changed quite a bit since they last saw each other.

We’ll have to wait for Kai’Sa’s actual lore to drop before we learn more. For now, all we can do is watch their heartbreaking reunion in game, one voice line at a time.