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Vietnam is now its own independent competitive league

After so many impressive performances it was only a matter of time.

Riot Games

Out of all of the regions to compete in Southeast Asia’s Garena Premier League, Vietnam has been far and away the most successful. A team from the region has won the league for the last four splits in a row as well as proved themselves on the international stage with consistently strong showings at both the World Championship and the Mid-Season Invitational. With all these combined successes, Riot is now rewarding the region with competitive independence.

This means that Vietnam will now have it’s own league, called the VCS, separate of the Garena Premier League. But the larger change is that the region will no longer compete with other team’s from Southeast Asia for a spot at international events. Instead, Vietnam is now guaranteed one spot at each international event which will go to the winner of each split. This change will not expand the number of teams brought to worlds as this spot was previously this spot simply went to the highest ranking team from a smaller region.

For MSI and Rift Rivals however, this will mean a few changes. MSI will expand to a 14 team tournament, while Rift Rivals will have completely new groups with teams from Turkey’s TCL, as well as the CIS’s LCL going up against the newly independent Vietnam region.

For more information on the VCS and all of its upcoming games, you can check out the website, here.