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Everything you missed from Week 4 of the NA LCS Spring Split

Team Liquid fall while Cloud9 and Echo Fox remain on top.

Riot Games

Week four of the NA LCS is in the books and the standings couldn’t be much closer. With the advent of franchising, at least so far, it seems clear that just about any team could win on any given day. The only two possible exceptions to that are Echo Fox and Cloud9 who look like the only two great teams left in North America.

This isn’t an insult to the rest of the teams in North American though, the region as a whole is playing better, more efficiently and smarter than it ever has before, but with an increase in quality has also meant a leveling of the playing field. In fact, these two teams, and Team Liquid who lost both of their week four games, are the only teams in the league with winning records. In other words, these may be the only truly good teams left in the NA LCS. Better yet, they face off on Sunday during week five in what could be the most important regular season match of the Spring Split so far.

Meanwhile, almost every other team in the league is sitting at 4-4 or 3-5. Speaking of which, it hasn’t exactly been a great split for Counter Logic Gaming so far. At a record of 3-5 CLG aren’t off to the start they had been hoping for and their two losses this week didn’t help. But maybe picking out of the box champions in the mid lane isn’t doing them any favors either. After losing to OpTic on his signature Aurelion Sol, mid laner Choi “Huhi” Jae-hyun looked to get back in the swing of things by picking Fiora against TSM, where he struggled to do much at all on the champion.

For TSM, their win against Counter Logic Gaming was the one bright spot in a week where the continued to look shaky, losing the first match of the week in a grueling, almost hour long game.

While most teams likely won’t be too pleased with the results of week four, Golden Guardians are likely ecstatic as the team managed to take its first win of the Spring Split when they took down 100 Thieves. While it’s still a little too early to say if winning is something the team could continue, it’s good to finally have all 10 NA LCS teams on the board with a win.