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AD Carries always get the best skins

I mean, come on Riot. Why are they so good?

Riot Games

For years, there’s been an annoying trend in League of Legends. For some reason, AD Carries always get the absolute best skins. Sure, there are worse problems in the world, but it’s a slow week and this is the hill I wanna die on.

Riot has been producing high quality skins for years, but for some reason, the cream of the crop always goes to the AD Carries. Don’t they get enough Riot? My gold? My kills? We have to give them everything in game and let them look cool as hell while they do it?

Let’s angrily explore just how many good skins this role has access to.

Riot Games

Project Jhin, Vayne and Lucian

Look, I know there are lots of Project skins out there, but somehow these three just feel like the best ones. They turn these tiny character models into huge, glowing monsters of particles.

Star Guardian Ezreal, Miss Fortune, and Jinx

The Star Guardian skin line is unarguably the coolest one in the game. The damn AD Carries get three, super cool looking Star Guardian skins for their single role.

Captain Fortune

I can’t believe I’m listing this skin here. Honestly, it should be so boring. Instead, it’s one of the best looking skins in the game as far as I’m concerned. It’s beautifully modeled, subtle, and has so many cool little looks to it. Everything about this skin should be normal but somehow it stands out.

Riot Games

Literally every Tristana skin

How? How is this OK? Trist has so many good skins, it’s absolutely disgusting. She has Dragon Trainer, she has Omega Squad, and she has Bewitching. Every skin is cute and well detailed. Even here older skins like the firefighter one or the pirate one look great. She’s so small and she has like three amazing skins and plenty of other great one. And yet it took us like four years to get one new Zac skin.

There are lots of other great skins here that didn’t get a full section dedicated to them. Dragonwing Corki and Arcade Miss Fortune are just more examples. In fact, one of the only bad AD Carry skins is Pug’Maw, simply because it haunts my soul.

While the AD Carry skin extravaganza is both actually awesome and actually a little frustrating to non-AD Carry players, it shows off the talent of Riot’s employees.

AD Carry skins should probably be pretty boring. There are a lot of ADCs with small models and plenty of the characters have minimal particle effects. However, the skin designers at Riot are able to take some of the smallest packages and turn them into extremely cool looking skins.

I’ve spent years talking with friends about how AD Carries have the best skins as a whole. As the years have gone by, this just becomes even more true. Even if you don’t play AD Carry, you have to admit that they almost always look good.