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The first issue of Ashe: Warmother is out now

Read the first issue for free to dive into Ashe’s past

Riot Games

The first issue of the Ashe: Warmother comic collaboration with Marvel launched Wednesday morning for all to read. (That’s right, it’s online for free.)

The comic is an origin story for League’s iconic marksman, Ashe, as she learns how to be the leader the Freljord needs. The series starts with her reminiscing of her youth and her strong mother. Ashe wasn’t always the leader that she is in game now.

League fans probably already know what this is leading to, as the Ashe you play as in the game is vastly different from the Ashe we see in the comic. We know that she’ll eventually have white hair and become the leader the Avarosan needs (and she’ll marry Tryndamere along the way) but the journey is the fun part.

The next issue comes out on Jan. 16, 2019 and will have monthly releases continuing on. The comic will be available for physical purchase in May as a trade paperback.