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The NA LCS is changing its name and returning on Jan. 26 2019

The NA LCS has a new name ... sort of

Riot Games

The NA LCS is re-branding to just the LCS, now that there’s no longer a need to differentiate it from its EU counterpart, which changed it’s name earlier this year. The announcement of the new name and slightly updated logo, came on Thursday afternoon via a tweet from Riot.

With the EU LCS changing its official moniker to LEC, all of the major regions in the League of Legends competitive world now have their own unique name, logo and brand identity. While this wasn’t a strictly necessary, it’s easy to see why Riot would prefer to give these brands their own space to live and breathe, especially since the two LCS regions, Europe and North America, were the only two that shared a name.

Also announced along with the newly updated LCS name is the league’s return date of Jan. 26, 2019. When the league returns it will once again have the 10 franchised teams from last year, along with each of the teams’ new rosters as they once again compete for a spot in the LCS playoffs.