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Echo Fox sign Rush and welcome back mid laner Fenix

Despite a tumultuous relationship, Fenix is returning to his former team

Riot Games

The latest NA LCS team to get in on the off-season moves is Echo Fox, as the team begins to fill in some of the newly vacant roles starting with jungler Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae and the return of former mid laner Kim “Fenix” Jae-hun.

Rush joins the team fresh from a stint with Korea’s kt Rolster that included a trip to Worlds where the team was knocked out of the tournament in the semifinals by eventual champions Invictus Gaming in a tense five-game series. Originally known primarily as a solo queue legend, Rush has enjoyed a number of seasons at the top of challenger in every region he’s traveled to, including North America, where he started his professional career with LMQ back in 2014. Despite playing for a variety of teams over the last four years, Rush has never managed to find the same level of success in professional play that he’s consistently had in solo queue.

Fenix’s journey to the team is slightly stranger. Since joining the league back in 2014 he’s played for five different teams, most recently ... Echo Fox just last year. His time on the roster started fairly strong during the first split of 2018 which ended with the team securing third place in a clean sweep against Clutch Gaming at the Spring Split playoffs in Miami. However, as the meta began during the game’s tumultuous mid-season patch, the relationship seemed to sour, and suddenly Fenix had been released from the team — seemingly with little warning according to an interview he gave just after his release — Echo Fox later ended that season with a quarterfinals loss against TSM in a five games series. Despite this rocky end to his previous relationship with the organization it seems that Fenix is back again for the start of the 2019 season.