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Sjokz announces move to freelance from EU broadcast team

She’ll still be hosting the EU LCS, though!

Riot Games

EU LCS host Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere announced Thursday on Facebook and Twitter that she is no longer a full-time employee at Riot Games and is moving to freelance.

She notes that the EU LCS will still be her priority and she’ll still be hosting, but this just means that she’ll be able to take other esports opportunities as well. Depoortere has boomed in esports since her debut and is also hosting the Esports Awards on Monday. She has been working with Riot Games since 2013, and has hosted many international events in addition to her work on the EU LCS team.

Shoutcaster Devin “PiraTechnics” Younge also announced earlier on Thursday that he was moving to freelance and was parting ways with Riot Games. In a Medium post, he said that he won’t be part of the regular EU LCS broadcast team in 2019 and already has more work lined up ahead of him. He had been casting EU LCS since 2015.

The EU LCS is franchising for 2019, so there will be more changes coming to the region beyond the broadcast team.