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Star Guardian Lux, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Soraka and Lulu are getting special onesie Variant skins

Pajama Party!


We may not be getting a full set of Star Guardian skins this year, but Riot Games is giving us a substitute — skins of the guardians in animal onesies!

These skins aren’t completely new, but they’re something new Riot is introducing called Variants. As the name suggests, they are slightly different versions of already existing skins. This allows the skins team to further develop stories and styles beyond the original design concept.

These skins include new models and textures, as well as a new shared splash art. The price for the Pajama Guardians will all be 1350 RP, but if you own the original Star Guardian skins, you’ll get a 45 percent discount on the PJ Guardians. (And vice versa!) Originally, the team planned for the discount to be 30 percent, but changed the price after hearing player complaints.

The animal pajama theme shouldn’t be completely unheard of. Onesie pajamas like this are pretty popular and comfortable. Riot has even made onesie pajamas of Fizz, Urf and Tibbers. (Which means ... are they going to make ones of these?)

Riot Games

The guardians seem to be wearing onesies of their own familiars and they look super comfy!

Pajama Guardian Lux


Pajama Guardian Ezreal


Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune


Pajama Guardian Soraka


Pajama Guardian Lulu


This post will be updated as more information becomes available.