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What are you thankful for in League of Legends?

Skins? Music? The fact that Akali doesn’t have noodle arms anymore?

Riot Games

This Thanksgiving season, we wanted to think about what we’re thankful for in League of Legends. It’s been a rocky season but things all seemed to balance out to make a good meta. (Can you believe the mage bot lane fiasco was just earlier this year?)

No matter how much we yell, “Augh, I hate this game!” after a crushing loss, there are still things we love about it. Grab some turkey and stuffing and sit with us to discuss what we’re thankful for about the game.


I’m thankful that Soraka is getting skins in back-to-back patches.

More seriously, I’m thankful that we finally have a LGBTQ champion in the game. Representation is so important to me and I’m glad we’re finally getting some good fucking food!

I’m also thankful for all the great lore we’ve gotten this year in addition to the skins. Exploring the K/DA universe and learning about the different personalities and myths behind the champions has been extremely fun and exciting. From High Noon to Star Guardians, we’ve gotten some good stories and fun information about champions that we’ve never heard before. It really opens the world of League of Legends and reminds me why I originally fell in love with this game. I sincerely hope there is a more solid way of talking about these alternate universes in the future beyond some skin descriptions in the client.


I’m thankful for Riot’s art and music teams. No matter what problems I have with the game or Riot as a whole, their art teams continuously knock it out of the park. It’s clear each champion and skin is a labor of love, and even when there’s a concept I’m not in love with, it’s still expertly done.

It’s a really nice change of pace from the days where champions came out every two weeks, with two skins, and there were a lot of misses. I’m glad the team is taking their time and slowing down to put out new champions that feel like unique, fully realized concepts. The reworks are also completely knocking old concepts out of the park and revitalizing them, so that’s fantastic.

As for the music, I still put on Jhin’s theme every once in a while when I want to feel a little spooked. I don’t think there’s been a bad or even mediocre piece from the music team in quite some time, starting with “Here Comes Vi.” That’s quite the accomplishment.


I’m thankful each year that League is a place I can hang out with friends across the country and consistently have a good time. I’m thankful for the hard work that’s put into the game, and the supportive and inclusive parts of both the community and the company that keep me coming back (the other parts of both can kindly buzz off).

I’m also thankful that Clash came back and worked, that new fun game modes keep the experience different, and that Team Liquid finally made Worlds.