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Jensen leaves Cloud9, moves to Team Liquid

After three years on C9, he’s moving on

Riot Games

The offseason has officially begun and contracts are expiring left and right. The first big roster move we’re seeing is from Cloud9’s mid laner Nicolaj Jensen. Jensen will now be playing for Team Liquid, though it’s unknown if he’s starting.

Jensen has played for Cloud9 since 2015. Since then, he’s been an explosive member of the organization, helping the team get to semifinals in the 2018 World Championship, as well as finals for the NA LCS 2018 Summer Split. Jensen spent most of the summer split benched, but started during the 2018 Regional Finals, Summer Playoffs and for Worlds. Cloud9 had a notoriously rocky split, going from 10th place to a Worlds finalist within a matter of months.

Cloud9’s entire team is made up of big play makers and great players, with Jensen standing out among them. He’s known for being a great Zed and Fizz player, though he’s proved that he can play most champions at a high competitive level throughout the past year.

Eugene “Pobelter” Park and Team Liquid have not announced what is happening to the mid lane position. It’s unknown if Park will be benched or if he’s moving to a different team.