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The new Praetorian skin line has been revealed, Fiddlesticks and Graves get first skins

It looks like League is getting some new Space Roman skins

Riot Games via Surrender @ 20

The next new wave of skins has been revealed and it looks like we’re getting a whole new line this time around: Praetorian.

The first skins in this new line are coming to Fiddlesticks and Graves, two champions that aren’t exactly similar in theme. Both of the new skins feature heavy grey-looking armor, along with missiles, for Graves, and lasers, for Fiddlesticks.

Praetorian normally refers to the elite guards of Roman Emperors, but in this case that doesn’t seem quite right. Instead of ancient, it looks like Riot took the Roman part and pulled it all the way into space. So, it looks like this skin line is going to be mostly about Space Romans.

Praetorian Graves

Riot Games
Riot Games

As you can see, just about every part of Graves has gotten an update here. He has an armor themed version of his normal cape, a brand new space themed gun and also a robot head. In fact, all of Graves might be a robot in this skin.

The last normal skin for Graves was released over three years ago with Cutthroat Graves back in July of 2015.

Praetorian Fiddlesticks

Riot Games
Riot Games

Fiddlesticks is a little more complicated. He’s definitely a robot, but it looks like he has some kind of tool that he’s fashioned into a weapon. Meanwhile, he’s also got some flying robot buzz saws, instead of birds, and even a few lasers.

Fiddlesticks’s last normal skin was Risen Fiddlesticks, which was released in April of 2015.

It’s unclear how much these skins will cost when they are released, but 1350 seems pretty likely.