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100 Thieves and CLG both had to change their jerseys after the first week of the NA LCS

There’s no problem with sponsors on the front of jerseys, they just needed to be a little smaller.

Riot Games

According to League of Legends content creator, Travis Gafford, both 100 Theives and Counter Logic Gaming were given warnings from Riot directly related to the jersey sponsor guidelines.

While Gafford’s initial tweet caused a bit of outrage among fans, it turns out that the issue is a fairly common one in the LCS and was quickly rectified.

In a reply to Gafford’s tweet, Riot Games’ league operations disciple lead, Chris Greeley explained that the issue at hand was that the teams’ had logos on the chest of their jerseys that were slightly too large. Greeley noted that this is actually a fairly routine issue that most often stems from printing errors.

Based on the uniforms that both teams were wearing come week two of the Spring Split, it’s clear that the issue was resolved as both teams took the stage with the same logo on the chest of their jerseys, but in a slight smaller form.