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Swain teases the return of Kassadin’s daughter

What’s the deal with Kassadin’s lost child?

Riot Games

It may not be obvious based off of his spooky Darth Vader helmet but Kassadin is actually a good guy. Well, he’s not evil at the very least. He was an adventurer and a nomad of Shurima. But he stumbled upon the void. While he was researching it, his daughter was consumed by the Void.

Kassadin has now devoted his life to finding and reclaiming her. His body didn’t used to be that weird shade of blue. But in order to save his daughter, Kassadin has attempted to voyage forward into the Void. This process has twisted his body into the corrupted, mangled mess we see in game today.

But why are we talking about Kassadin’s daughter? Well, you may have noticed that a lot of the recent interactions with Kassadin in game mention his daughter. The past examples don’t really carry much weight in terms of story. However, with the recent Swain rework, we’ve uncovered more about Kassadin’s tragic tale.

If you use Swain’s Visions of the Empire ability on Kassadin, Swain has this to say:

So he’s heard the rumors, the girl who came back.

This is obviously talking about Kassadin’s one, true desire: the return of his daughter from the Void. Lot’s of Swain’s interactions are teasing future reveals, but this one is especially interesting. We’ve seen how the void can twist someone like Kassadin and Malzahar, but what has it done to a child that lived inside of it for an untold amount of time?

The Void has always been League’s greatest mystery, which has added to player’s fascination with characters like Kassadin. If we could hear from someone who has lived there, who was consumed by it’s evil magic, we could learn so much about what the Void itself actually is.

Whether or not Kassadin’s daughter shows up as a lore figure or a new champion is completely unknown. All we know now is that the Void has released what they once claimed. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon.