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Swain’s interactions hint Fiora could be League’s next LGBTQ champion

Players on League’s subreddit have been debating since Swain first hit the PBE.

Riot Games

Swain’s interactions reveal quite a bit about several existing champions. Thanks to his Visions of the Empire ability, Swain is able to peer into his enemies’ soul and learn their secrets. When Swain uses the ability on Fiora, he says this:

She spurned so many suitors ... A wonder they did not see why.

Players on the subreddit have begun to speculate what this could mean. The post is originally titled “Fiora is Finally Gay.” The word spurned in this context means “to reject with disdain; scorn.” The suggestion here is that Fiora has rejected many suitors (a word which is male by definition) because she is not interested in the advances of men. Some players have suggested that Fiora is asexual while others have begun eagerly shipping her with some of League’s other female champions.

Riot has spoken pretty openly about their desire to include more LGBTQ characters in their game. However, they stated that they want to find the right storytelling method, rather than simply adding a sexuality to characters that previously did not have one.

Last year, Riot reworked the lore of Varus, making him the first known gay character in the League roster. For this rework, we were treated to two comics and a music video. The result was the tragic story of two gay young men twisted together with a demon. The three of them now possess one body: the demonic entity known as Varus.

If Swain’s line here is intended to reveal Fiora’s sexuality, the decision to have another character out her is questionable at the very least. The real question regarding this interaction then is what else it could possibly mean?

We’ll have to wait for a response from Riot or a Fiora lore rework before we hear anything official.