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The 2018 ranked season starts January 16

Who will you main and where will you main them?

Riot Games

If you’ve been paying close attention to the Rift Herald and the patch notes, you may already know when the season 8 ranked season starts. But if you don’t, we’re here to help. Your Season 8 ranked journey will begin on Jan. 16 in the “early morning.”

With this reset comes the refresh of your Hextech chests. You know that annoying gold border on all your best champions that says you can’t earn another chest this season? Well, on Jan. 16, all of your season accomplishments will be forgotten and you’ll be able to earn chests on your favorite picks again.

The final addition to season 8 is a Challenger tier duo queue. While this may only really effect the top tier players, you may notice a change in your favorite streamers. If you watch current or ex-players climb in solo queue, they may now have friends or guests to climb with on stream.

Honor levels will also be reset, though it won’t be a hard reset. Everyone from honor level two and up will start at honor level two at various checkpoints on the way to honor level three. The system is getting a slight change, so you’ll also be getting more rewards along your honor journey and not just sporadically.

Remember, Riot gives out gifts at the end of every season. If you place Gold or higher, you get a cool Victorious skin. Not to mention that if you manage to place Challenger, you could get some extremely cool and unexpected stuff like these Bomber Jackets.

Do your best, don’t be toxic. Good luck, Summoners.