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The ‘Starfall’ story gives us a look into Star Guardian life

We’ve been waiting for this!

Riot Games

A nine chapter (if you include the prologue and epilogue) piece of Star Guardian lore has made it up on the League of Legends Universe website, giving us a peek at the story of the new Guardians and our old favorites.

The story is narrated by Lux as she tells the story of trying to unify and lead the original Star Guardians while meeting the new and flashy group led by Ahri. In this story, Lux doesn’t really have her life together and she’s struggling to unite the team. She’s a bit awkward and is your run-of-the-mill anime protagonist.

There is a good heap of silly references in the story, like Ezreal dissing maps and Ahri saying “Charmed.” We also learn a lot about the SG universe that we’ve been wondering about for a while, especially regarding backstories, but I won’t spoil it for you.

The art that’s spread throughout the reading is by Kat, AKA suqling, a fanartist known for her great paintings. This isn’t the first time she’s worked with Riot, and we love the outcome!

Riot Games

In addition to the story on Universe, there’s shorter bio about each Star Guardian, if that’s more your thing.

The Star Guardian skins and event should be launching September 7.