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NA LCS is moving back to best of 1 format in 2018

No more Bo3s or double streams!

Riot Games

Riot Games has announced that the North American League Championship Series will be moving back to a best of one game format for the 2018 season.

The NA LCS has been following a best of three format for the past three splits, airing two streams at once and expanding the old two day schedule into a three day schedule. With this change, we’ll be returning to the older schedule.

Here are the changes you can expect:

  • All games will be played best of one.
  • Games will no longer air on Fridays.
  • Each day will only have one stream, with the exception of days Riot might choose to have lane-focused streams.

Riot has said that the changes are occurring because many fans didn’t take the time to watch entire series every week, whether they were too busy or just burnt out. This will also make it easier to schedule accurate game start times and fans won’t be forced to pick between two of their favorites teams when it comes to watching games live.

These changes will take place on January 20, when the 2018 Spring Split starts.