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Miss Fortune takes back Bilgewater in ‘Fortune Smiles’

She makes bloody moves.

Riot Games

The latest League of Legends lore comic to grace us is one starring Miss Fortune, the pirate captain from Bilgewater.

The story takes place shortly after she “kills” Gangplank and shows us how the city has fallen into greedy hands yet again. The three other captains, who she split the city and called a truce with, have taken her guns and want her out. Of course, Miss Fortune isn’t having any of this.

The comic deals with struggling with beliefs while also protecting people and standing up for what you think is right. Miss Fortune is torn between what she should do, but is ultimately forced to make a decision.

The comic is drawn by Ramon Perez, who’s known for his work on Hawkeye, Nova and various versions of Spider-Man. This is the fourth comic we’ve gotten in this lore series, following Ziggs and Jinx’s “Paint the Town,” Nami’s “Into the Abyss” and Darius’ “Blood of Noxus,” and we can probably expect more in the future.