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Vayne buffed with a reset mechanic, Janna nerfed in Patch 7.19

It’s time to a new lady to shine in the bot lane.

Riot Games

Update: Janna has been hotfixed, because these nerfs weren’t enough. Check out the full hotfix here!

The most recent League patch included some changes to the bot lane (hopefully) for the better. The notable changes are for Vayne, who’s been in a rough place for a while, and Janna, who has been on top of the game for way too long.

Vayne got some changes to her Silver Bolts, now making them deal more minimum damage, but less percent health damage at early levels. It still does a whopping 12 percent max health at rank five, so don’t worry about that late game. The big addition here is that if somebody you damaged in the last three seconds dies while you’re in Final Hour, it gets extended by three seconds. This isn’t a straight-up full reset, but this should help her fighting a lot.

Janna, however, got hit with The (Nerf) Stick. All of her abilities but her ultimate had some sort of change. Her passive, Tailwind, now grants her the movement speed bonus and her basic attacks and single-target spells do damage scaling with her bonus movement speed. That’s nice, but her most important skill, her E, Eye of the Storm, now has a scaling cooldown of 18/16/14/12/10 seconds instead of 10 seconds at all ranks. This is Janna’s bread and butter skill, though her other skills got a handful of changes to try to make up for it.

Her Q, Howling Gale now costs less mana at every rank and has a 12 second cooldown at every rank (instead of a scaling cooldown). The range on it has been increased, too. Her W, Zephyr, now has a shorter cooldown but slows for less long. It also grants less passive movement speed and has a slightly shorter range.

Riot Games

And then there’s the Ardent Censer nerf, which affects all the shielding, healing champions in the bot lane. The nerf isn’t as big as most people would want it, but it grants scaling attack speed and on-hit damage instead of a flat 25 percent. Ardent will still be big (and now bigger) during late game, but less damaging during early game. The item also grants the user its buff, instead of just the target. Some people aren’t even considering a nerf — we can most likely expect more changes to come through later.

Both the Ardent and Janna nerfs are ... not as huge as most people expected them to be. Whether this dramatically changes the bot lane meta or not is something we’ll have to keep our eyes out for.