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Nick Allen joins Madison Square Garden Company as the vice president of esports

Allen will also take on the position of chief operating officer for Counter Logic Gaming.

The Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) announced today, in a statement released through their esports franchise Counter Logic Gaming, that Nick Allen would be joining the company has its vice president of esports.

According to the statement, Allen’s responsibilities would be to oversee all esports related endeavors for the company including reaching out to new partners within various games, as well as organizing esports events to be held at MSG’s various venues.

However, the bulk of Allen’s role will fall in managing Counter Logic Gaming and acting as the franchises chief operating officer. In this role, he will be working closely with CLG president George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis.

Allen has worked over the last two years as the vice president of esports at Twitch and before that was the esports operations manager for Riot Games. At Riot, Allen helped found the company’s first dedicated esports operations team which worked on competitions such as the World Championship and the League Championship Series.