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Jinx and Ziggs get together in the ‘Paint the Town’ comic

A match made in heaven!

Riot Games

Riot has released yet another comic to give us a look into the background and personalities of beloved League champions.

This comic, “Paint the Town,” features Jinx and Ziggs and shows how they met in Piltover and formed the beautiful friendship they have now. It also gives us a pretty exclusive look at Ziggs’ and Heimerginer’s relationship and how they ended up falling out.

This is filled to the brim with information, such as the fact that everyone seems to fear or hate yordles, due to not knowing what they are. Piltover police officers also do not look like what Officer Vi and Caitlyn look like. (This shouldn’t be a surprise, given the amount of clothing the two of them wear.)

“Paint the Town” was illustrated by Fábio Moon, the artist behind Casanova and colored by Dave Steward, who has worked on series like The Umbrella Academy and Captain America.

This comic is the third Riot has released recently, following after Darius’ “Blood of Noxus” comic and Nami’s “Into the Abyss” comic, and gives us a visual guide to some lore we’ve never seen before. There’s bound to be more comics coming out soon and we’re excited to see what’s next!