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Sometimes League has to take a backseat

Other games, work, a desire to spend time with human beings.

Every week for the past several months I have written a personal post like this. The feature is called “Exit Pursued by a Volibear,” because I am a nerd who likes British playwrights and bad champions. But despite my previous regularity, I missed last Friday. To the three people that look forward to this every week (Mom, Dad ... Numinous from Freshwater Gaming), I am sorry. To all the other folks out there who read this based on a week by week basis, welcome, today we are going to talk about Destiny 2.

Last week, the sequel to Destiny released and for work reasons (check out the guides for Destiny 2 on Polygon), I was traversing through space far more than I was loading onto Summoner’s Rift. Because I was so enthralled by a new release (I was playing non-stop, even when my work for the day had been finished), I never got to Exit Pursued by a Volibear. While letting a game, even one you are working on, get in the way of such a cherished publication as this is pretty unacceptable, missing out on a week of League is totally fine. In fact, I would insist that others do the same as some point.


I haven’t played League since the night Destiny 2 launched, and to be honest, it feels great. Not because I have found my new obsession and League can go die in a pit, but because I have been playing League non-stop for weeks. Finally, something has come out to steal my attention away from LoL for more than a day or a couple of hours. That new discovery feels great, even if League remains my safety blanket.

I have been playing League since 2013, and while I have taken about a month away from the game here and there (coincidentally when the past two World of Warcraft expansions came out), it is a game that I will always come back to. While that should of course be a given considering that my day job is writing about League, it certainly does speak to the merit of the game. Almost five full years later and I am still excited to come back, even though I welcome small vacations on occasion.

You may be a person who only plays League, and that is totally cool. However, there are lots of people out there who play League as their main game and are interested in stuff like Destiny 2 whenever it releases. Did I miss League last week? No. Am I excited to get back to it soon? Absolutely! While absence makes the heart grow fonder, a solid break is good for everyone.


As people, we have different tastes for different times. League is able to hold so many people’s attentions for so long because it can cater to so many tastes at once. But sometimes we are drawn in another direction for a time. If you are feeling the desire to play something else but have that nagging “I don’t have time for another game in my life,” put League down and go play something new for a bit. League of Legends is not going anywhere, and you will have a blast while you are out.

League is a beautiful game, in that it is always there when you need it. While you go play Destiny 2 or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or World of Warcraft or whatever tickles your fancy, League will wait for you. Like riding a bike, it is there when you return to it. If you have the means, listen to your desire to play another game, explore the world with friends or just read a damn book.


We may be a website about League of Legends, but like all of you, League is not our lives here. I am trying to read through all of A Song of Ice and Fire before George R.R. Martin releases The Winds of Winter, Austen and I go to the movies together every week, Julia is a great artist who makes dope stuff all the time (seriously, check out her Twitter) and founding editor Pete spends an alarming amount of time tweeting about College Football. And yet, all of us have written here and we all play League together.

If you feel that you only have so much time in the day to devote to video games, consider setting League down for a week or even two. Play something else for a bit, and if you miss it, a match is only a queue away.