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New ‘Into the Abyss’ comic shows how Nami got her power

Fighting off darkness to save her people!

Riot Games

The latest League of Legends comic that Riot has put out features the beloved fish-mermaid champion, Nami and her rise to power.

The comic tells the tale of a younger Nami being told the story of the Tidecaller, a chosen hero every lifetime who uses a powerful staff and dives into the depths of the ocean searching for a special pearl that will protect their people from monsters.

After noticing that the last Tidecaller never returned from his pearl expedition, Nami takes it into her own hands. While I won’t continue to spoil the details, you can probably assume what happens, considering Nami’s in-game title is “The Tidecaller.”

Unlike the Darius comic, which was more of a traditional style, this comic reads vertically, like most webcomics do now. This is no surprise, as the artist behind the comic is Viviana Medeiros, who created Under the Aegis on LINE Webtoon.

This comic gives us a lot of insight about the Marai people, including our first look at a male Marai! We also get to see Nami without her headdress and a glimpse into what the evil monsters in the ocean are. Judging by the purple junk around them, they could be Void monsters, but we don’t know for sure.