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Learning new champions is what League is all about

Adding to your champion pool helps keep every game fresh.

There are folks out there who call themselves one tricks. I can respect that, I really can, but that is not the way I like to play League of Legends. There are the less extreme who only play a few champions but play them really well. That too, I can respect, but it still isn’t my League of Legends. The way that I like to play and the way that I recommend others like me to play is to pick up and grab as many characters as possible and run with them. Variety is the spice of life, so we are gonna talk increasing your champion pool. Why? Because my one-trick friends don’t have a column on The Rift Herald dot com and I do.

I have a mastery score of 385, 16 level five champions, five level six champions and zero sevens. Zac is closest to level seven with two tokens in the bank and he is my most played, favorite character of all time. I tell you all this to show that I play a lot of different champions. In fact, I try to never play the same one twice in a row if I can help it. The only champions that I haven’t played since the new mastery system launched is Evelynn and Singed.

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If you are sitting there and thinking “Wow, you have been playing for over five years and haven’t truly mastered even one champion?” then you are absolutely correct. For a long time, I tried to play one champion until I was perfect. All of my very talented League friends from long ago told me to find someone I like and stick to them. I tried and tried and tried, but in the end I just got bored.

Whether I was playing Udyr or Zac or whoever back in season 3, I would start out really well when I first picked them up and then move into a place of unfortunate, unmotivated complacency. It hurt my game, it made me a bad teammate and I have lost a lot because of it. For me, for my mind, I need that fresh take, that new champion. Getting back into the groove with someone I haven’t played in weeks, months or even years keeps me looking at the game with fresh eyes. It helps me load into every game excited.

I realize that this isn’t the best tactic for everyone, but it is certainly helpful for me and at least one other person that I know. Having a staple one or two champs is great (Zac is my pal), but I jump onto whoever sounds fun whenever I can. To me, the beautiful part of League is how many unique, awesome characters there are to play. Every time they add a new one, it is the happiest day of my life. Someone new to learn, pick up and play.

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In the end, everyone is going to have their own way to learn and improve. There are the Annie Bots of the world and the folks that have two or three champions per-role that they play. If that helps them do better and keep focused, good on them. Then there are the people like me who have such a poor attention span with League that they need that injection of new champion every single game.

All of these are valid, all of these are important. Play who you want, when you want and don’t listen to all those people who tell you to buckle down and master one champion. Whether you have 100 mastery fours or six mastery sevens, you know how good you are at League and what works best for you. Stick to that and you will rise through the ranks.

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