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Ornn ability kit: New League champion can buy items anywhere on the map

He can upgrade items for his teammates, too.

Riot Games

Riot teased us with Ornn, the newest League of Legends champion, on Saturday with a folk song, but now we have his full kit! The stern mountainsmith seems unfriendly, but he gets the job done. His kit includes the ability to buy items from anywhere and to upgrade his allies’ items. Whaaat?

Take a look at the preview below.

As mentioned, he’s a vanguard, a tank with a hard engage. We see him fighting in the top lane and he looks great! He’s got a lot of knock-ups and a debuff that makes crowd control last longer.

Ornn definitely sounds pretty busted and we’ve never had a champion that does a lot of the things he does.

Here’s his full kit:

Passive: Living Forge & Master Craftsman

Living Forge: Ornn can spend gold to forge items for himself any time he's out of combat. For convenience, suggested items appear in a special on-screen menu. Ornn can also open the shop manually to build any item.

Master Craftsman: Ornn and his teammates have access to special upgrades for select items in the shop. Each player is limited to one of these upgrades.

Q - Volcanic Rupture

Ornn slams the ground, sending out a fissure that deals physical damage and slows enemies. After a small delay, a magma pillar forms at the target location, functioning like a tiny wall for a few seconds.

W: Bellows Breath

Ornn becomes unstoppable, shields himself, and belches out flames. These flames deal a portion of the enemy's current health as magic damage. Enemies struck by the final gout of flame become Brittle. Ornn's basic attacks knock back Brittle targets.


When Brittle, enemies suffer a portion of their maximum health as bonus damage when struck by immobilizing effects. Immobilizing effects also last longer when used on Brittle enemie

E: Searing Charge

Ornn charges, dealing damage to enemies he passes through. If Ornn collides with terrain while charging, the impact creates a shockwave that deals damage and knocks up enemies. This ability destroys player-created terrain.

R: Call of the Forge God

Ornn summons a massive fire elemental at a target location. It then travels toward him with increasing speed. Enemies run over by the elemental take magic damage and become Brittle.

Ornn can recast this ability to charge forward. If he strikes the elemental with the charge, he'll redirect it. The redirected elemental will then knock up all struck enemies, dealing the same damage as before and applying the Brittle effect.

Ornn should be making his way to the Public Beta Environment this week, with a release in patch 7.17.