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The Pentakill merch is another way Riot makes its fictional metal band seem real

I love concert merch!!

Riot Games

Riot has been promoting the new Pentakill album through skins, new song releases and even a new music video, but the merch is one of the best things about all this new stuff.

Pentakill is the beloved band made up of League champs, including Sona, Mordekaiser, Karthus, Olaf, Yorick and now Kayle! The band is fictional but the music is real and made by musicians like Nine Inch Nails’ Danny Lohner. Some people might equate Pentakill to the Gorillaz. I’m going to equate them to Vocaloids, because I’m a weeaboo I have exquisite taste.

Riot is selling a “Pentakill II VIP concert kit” for $25 for a limited time. The kit itself is just a collectible for your shelves to show off. It includes fake tickets, a VIP pass, some patches, a pendant and some guitar picks. Either way, it looks like Pentakill came alive and that you’re their biggest fan.

This kid could be used for Pentakill groupie cosplays or to just show off that you love League and metal music. It’s just so creative and neat.

There’s two Pentakill shirts as well, one with the Mordekaiser logo on the front, and another with the logo and fake tour stops on the back. It’s a tour t-shirt! Both shirts are $25, but there’s clearly a better one of the two.

I love band and tour memorabilia. Anytime I go to a concert, I have to buy the official concert tee to remind me of the great night. It’s just a cool way to show that you went to a show and like the band! Now you can do it for Pentakill — and it’s surprisingly real looking.

I’m also a huge fan of subtle fandom gear. I don’t really love wearing blatant anime t-shirts in public. (Though I do have an ita-bag, if you know what that is, which is worse.) I love shirts that are little references to things that look real. If you play League, you’ll recognize the shirt, but if not, it just seems like a normal band tee. That’s the type of content I’m lookin’ for.

I don’t think any person who hasn’t heard of League will question if you’ve been to the Shadow Isles or Zaun to watch your favorite totally real band.

This merch all gets a gold star from me. I might have to pick up one of those t-shirts before they vanish.