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Faker used a skin, but don’t worry, it was because of a bug

What? Do you think he did it on purpose? Who do you think he is?

Riot Games

In the latest series against kt Rolster, SKTelecom T1 mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok used a skin in two of the matches.

In a post game interview, he claimed that there is a client bug right now that locks you in a random skin. He said that he picked the base skin for all his champions, as usual, but he was given a random one in game.

The only times he has used skins before were either by mistake or to rep his own SKT skin. I mean, he earned it, so he should use it, right?

Lee is known for not using skins. The reason why is unclear, as some say that he said it doesn’t give him an advantage, so there’s no point, whereas others claim that he’s used to not playing with skins because he never had them prior to being a pro. Since all these theories don’t have actual sources other than “a video I can’t find now,” this will remain a mystery. We know what we’re asking him next time we see him.