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Ornn is very bad, Urgot and Ezreal see improvements

As expected!

Riot Games

With the new patch releasing Ornn, we have to take a look at his win rates. You probably already know, but they’re very bad. Urgot is now fairly recovered from his release week and Ezreal has also seen a bump thanks to his recent buffs. Let’s take a look.

All statistics are pulled from Platinum or higher games from

Yikes! Ornn’s win rate is among the worst we’ve seen for new champion releases and while it might be because his kit and scaling is not the greatest, it’s also attributed to the fact that people will not stop rushing his item upgrades. They’re not gold efficient, people. You’re dragging your team down! Of course, this low win rate is pretty standard for new releases, so we’ll look at him again next patch.

Ah yes, he wasn’t doing too hot last patch. As players have gotten the hang of him, his win rate has gone up 3.51 percent from 46.17 percent to 49.38 percent, which is back to normal! Honestly speaking, 46 percent isn’t horrific either — there are many champions that have been unchanged for a while with worse rates, but it’s nice to see that his shotgun knees are working for him.

Ezreal has been sitting at the bottom of the ADC win rate list for a while. His unique builds just can’t keep up with lethality or crit-based metas, but with some small tweaks to the guy, he’s back (kind of)! Riot just made his Q, Mystic Shot, scale with AD more. He’s jumped about 3 percent in win rate, now sitting at 47.23 percent. He’s still at the bottom of the ADC list, but hey, he’s not last anymore! (That would be Caitlyn, now. Ouch.)