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Ornn is underwhelming, but a faster Q would go a long way

Making him a bit tankier would be good, too.

Riot Games

Ornn has been out for less than a week, and so far he has a win rate that would make Bard blush. According to, he has a 35 percent win rate top, a 32 percent win rate in the jungle and a 31 percent win rate as support. All of that is very, very bad, and one of the lowest new champion win rates of recent memory.

Based on my own personal experience playing with and against Ornn, coupled with his tragic win rate, I feel comfortable saying that Ornn needs more than time to get better. The big, beefy smith needs some buffs and I have a few ideas on how that can and should happen.

First things first, Ornn needs some changes made to his tank ratios. Ornn players will probably realize that he doesn’t feel tanky at all, even as the game goes on. Yes, despite building tank item after tank item, it appears that Ornn can still get melted with the speed of the average juggernaut. Ornn doesn’t have any special healing capabilities on his kit, so he needs the kind of beef that we see on someone like Sion.

While Ornn’s ratios are certainly problematic, nothing hurts him more than his current Q. See, Ornn has a special interplay between walls, namely that he is able to smash into them with his E and cause massive damage and crowd control. This is crucial to making him a successful jungler, top laner, support or whatever. Since having to go next to walls is pretty unreliable, Ornn’s Q even makes walls for him, but it takes too damn long.

Volcanic Rupture, Ornn’s Q, shoots up a wall once it reaches its destination, or after it hits an enemy champion. However, both instances take forever, far longer than it takes someone with even poor reaction speed to just walk away. The solution seems pretty simple to me: if the wall were to erupt instantly when hitting an enemy champion, it would make Ornn’s CC and duel far more reliable.

Without the instant wall, the Q feels almost entirely useless. It takes so long to erupt that you might as well not even use it for anything except the slow. Worse than that, it makes trying to combo the E and Q extremely difficult, as you are able to reach your own pillar before it pops up. Basically, everything about the way that Ornn’s abilities interact right now feels off from a timing perspective.

Ornn is essentially a Sion-like tank that can CC forever but requires teammates to finish off kills. Ornn should never have the most damage on his team, but in order to be a useful pick, he absolutely needs to have reliable CC. Right now, his Q/E combo is far from reliable, and is in fact extremely useless in most scenarios.

Hopefully we will see some tweaks to his kit come out around the 7.18 patch, because right now, Ornn is far from godly.