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Watch Maxlore’s ecstatic celebration for Misfits’ Worlds qualification

That’s a happy boy!

Riot Games

During day 2 of the EU LCS semifinals, G2 Esports triumphantly swept H2k 3 - 0. On the analyst desk for that day was Misfits jungler Nubar "Maxlore" Sarafian.

With G2 Esports’ win over H2k, it confirmed Misfits a position at the 2017 World Championship. Check out his happy celebration during the last team fight.

We hardly see wholesome live interactions like this from players and we’re glad we caught this one. This is the first time Misfits has qualified for an international premier tournament since they joined the EU LCS. What seed the team gets will be determined at the finals in Paris against G2 Esports, but Misfits definitely will not have to fight for a seed in the gauntlet.

With G2 also has a spot, there is one last EU LCS seed left for Worlds. We’ll have to keep our eyes on the gauntlet tournament to figure out who’s getting it.