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Kled disabled for being able to move while dead, as long as he has Guardian Angel

Zombie Kled skin confirmed for Harrowing 2017?

Kled, the undeniably odd Yordle riding a giant lizard, has been temporarily disabled on live servers has now been re-enabled on live servers. According to a thread on the League of Legends subreddit, there is currently no longer a bug that allows Kled to continue walking after being killed, so long as he has Guardian Angel.

You can see exactly what we mean in this video here from Youtuber kapsun.

If you look really close toward the end of the video, Kled dies and pops his GA after the entire enemy team jumps on him. However, instead of lying on the ground patiently, waiting to be resurrected, he runs around as if he wasn’t dead at all. He then jumps back onto Skaarl and gets a triple kill.

What is particularly odd about this interaction is that Kled isn’t even close to getting Skaarl back when his GA gets popped. This disabling of Kled comes only a day after the disabling of Mordekaiser over a game breaking bug involving Ornn. Mordekaiser has since been re-enabled and Riot is presumably fixing up Kled right now. We will hopefully know more about the cause of this bizarre bug once he has been re-enabled on live servers.