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The last week of the LCK Summer Split is going to be filled with drama

All four of the top teams play each other with first seed up for grabs.

Riot Games

The final week of the Korea’s LCK Summer Split is already underway and it kicked off with a bang Tuesday morning as kt Rolster took over first place from Longzhu Gaming in a 2-0 sweep. While kt may be in first place for the moment, this is just the latest in a long line of teams trading places up and down the league’s top four standings.

Early on in the Summer Split, it seemed like SK Telecom T1 might just dominate the season and take first place without a problem. However, as teams steadily improved, SKT did not, leading to a four game losing streak out of Rift Rivals that will keep them in fourth place heading into playoffs.

As for the the rest of the teams, the standings are way too close to call. Samsung Galaxy and Longzhu Gaming both sit just one game behind kt Rolster in the standings and all the teams are within a game or two of each other in overall game score — the individual wins and losses they have on the season regardless of the number of series won — which is what will make up for the tie breaker.

This cluster at the top is made even more interesting by an almost impossibly lucky schedule, that the top four teams in the league playing each other as their last games. For kt Rolster that means facing off against SKT on Thursday morning, while Longzhu and Samsung will play each other on Sunday. Should kt manage to beat their telecom rival, they will take first place and be one series win away from going to Worlds.

Should kt lose, however, the different scenario’s become too complicated to even list with seeding coming down to who won the Longzhu-Samsung series, how many games it took them to do it, and whether or not kt took a game off of SKT in their loss.

With all this potential drama,and four of the best teams in the entire world going head to head, this is definitely going to be the most exciting week of the entire LCK season.