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Riot’s new 2D platformer, Ziggs: Arcade Blast is out now and free

Blast off with Riot's newest game, made in just 48 hours!

A few Riot employees have been working on building a new platformer as part of the Thunderdome X “hackathon.” Team PVC (Player Voted Content) decided to grab ideas from the community and discover the kind of game they should build. After community input and 48 hours of grueling work, Ziggs: Arcade Blast is here and you can play it right now.

The game is only a few levels long but finishes off with a massive boss battle. There are enemies to kill, platforms to jump over and plenty of things to blow up. You play as Ziggs, League of Legends’ manic little explosions expert, as he adventures to take down Brand, another League champion.

The game can be downloaded for free here.

Once it download, open up the file “ZiggsArcadeBlast-0.1.” Then open the file “WindowsNoEditor.” Click on the program titled “Platformer” and Extract All to a location of your choosing. Once it has extracted, open all the folders again and launch Platformer. Enjoy Ziggs: Arcade Blast, and keep in mind that all of this work was done in 48 hours.