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Watch us play Ziggs: Arcade Blast, Riot’s new game made in 48 hours

The League of Legends people made a platformer, and we are playing through the entire thing

The Rift Herald plays Ziggs: Arcade Blast

We are live, checking out Riot's new 2D platformer, Ziggs: Arcade Blast

Posted by The Rift Herald, a League of Legends community on Friday, August 18, 2017

For part of their occasional “hackathon,” Thunderdome X, a group of Riot Games employees paired off to make a fully functioning game in 48 hours. Players voted and watched along as the game was developed and now, Ziggs: Arcade Blast is finally here and in a fully playable state.

We are playing through the entirety of Ziggs: Arcade Blast on a Facebook Live stream, which will remain here as a video as soon as we finish. Come check it out and then play the game for yourself. Keep in mind that this game was made by a small team in a very small amount of time.

You can see the video here, if it’s not appearing at the top of this page.

The game features a bright style (designed after the Arcade skins in League of Legends) and the lovable League champion, Ziggs. By throwing bombs and jumping across platforms, Ziggs must cross two full levels in order to take down Brand, the big boss fight at the end of the game.