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Darius’ story revealed in Blood of Noxus comic

It’s kind of messed up.

In the most recent addition to the League of Legends lore, the Blood for Noxus comic, we get a glimpse into Darius’ pretty messed up backstory.

It starts with the tale of him, Draven and another unfamiliar character who grew up with the two brothers: Quilletta. She and Darius appeared to have a fling until she ran from the Noxian military. It really explains why Darius is the way he is. You should really just check out the comic yourself.

Throughout the comic, you know something is going to happen to Quilletta, but you just don’t want it to happen. In a mere 11 pages, this short comic keeps you interested and wanting more.

The art is done by Sana Takeda, who has drawn for issues of X-23, Ms. Marvel and others. Each character is drawn with such a fun and unique personality and the overall usage of warm colors makes you feel like you’re remembering these flashbacks yourself, while also showing the bleakness of war.