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Ornn, Volibear and Anivia are officially siblings

As well some kind of sister that is also a seal?

In Ornn’s lore stories, we learned a lot of amazing things about him and the Freljord itself. Most importantly, we learned about the deities of the frozen tundra, as Ornn is but one of them.

Early on in the stories, we learn that Ornn is the oldest of the Freljordian gods, and is a great builder and craftsman. As the stories move on, we learn that Ornn has at least one brother and two sisters.

The younger brother is a champion we know and (some of us) love: Volibear. In the story, Voli is a warmongering bear with mutant, half-bear followers. He is insatiably evil, which is a massive departure from the wise and fierce Shaman of the Ursine tribe that he was in previous lore.

One of Ornn’s sisters is also a champion, Anivia, the Cryophoenix. Anivia only briefly shows up in the story to play a trick on Ornn, but actually manages to stay true to most of her old lore, unlike her un-bear-able brother.

The final god mentioned is the Seal Sister, presumed to be another sibling of Ornn who looks like ... you guessed it, a seal! Based on the mythos in the story, she is the god that governs the sea. Sailors rub blubber on their faces to keep them warm and think about the Seal Sister. She also helped create Ornn’s volcanic forge, by directing freezing water into the mountain, cooling it. The only other detail we know is that her name has been forgotten to time.

Will we ever see the Seal Sister in game? Or are we doomed to call her Seal Sister forever?

Will Volibear ever get his lore updated?

Will either he or Anivia get a VU so they look less CrUsTy?

Who knows, but don’t forget to rub blubber on your face next time you are cold, just in case the stories are true.