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The best and worst champions in ARURF

Listen to us and use your rerolls wisely.

Riot Games

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire gives you the fun of normal URF but the horrifying lack of options from ARAM. You can reroll your champions, but there are times when you might not want to. Sometimes, the best champs to play are the ones you don’t expect to be good.

Lucky for you, we’ve all played a lot of ARURF and can tell you who’s hot and who’s ... bad in URF.


Morgana is expectedly, extremely fun to play: you can have two of her Tormented Soils down on the map at once. If that doesn’t kill them, you can pretty much permanently snare them as well, while you don’t get crowd control’d using your shield. It’s almost too easy. When I rolled Morgana, I barely ulted because they were dead before I could use it. (Julia)

Ahri is a popular champion on everyone’s URF wishlist. Her Q is always on cooldown, her charm has a fat skillshot size — she’s a menace. Any time you think that you’ve killed her, she’s just going to slip away and regain her health by spamming her Q. She doesn’t even have to auto-attack to farm or poke. She can just constantly Q. It’s a dream come true. (Julia)

Zed is ... (shivers). His cooldowns are low, he’s slippery as hell and his damage output is way too high. His ult is up too often and since he can spam his other skills, it makes his ult pop with way more damage than usual. A fed Zed is a happy Zed and you’re going to get fed in URF. (Julia)

Vladimir is a vampire, and vampires are very good at URF. It turns out, that champions with already low base cooldowns that can heal all the time and become untargetable are pretty frustrating to play against in URF. Vlad essentially just turns into a puddle of blood that is willing to pop up and steal all of your health at any given moment. The only thing that lets you kill Vlad in normal games is his cooldowns; if he could Q you all day, he would do it. Well in URF, he can, and it will not be a wholesome experience for anyone. (Ryan)

Ziggs is a colossal pain in the ass and is so fun to play. If you were frustrated playing against Ziggs’ regular wave clear, maybe don’t play URF. At some point we all run into a Ziggs in URF and we all think, “This can’t really be as bad as everyone says, can it?” But it is, it so is. It is worse than the bad you feared it could be. Run. Run far away and never look back. There goes another tower. (Ryan)


Thresh is not a good carry champion in normal games. I SEE YOU, STOP TRYING TO MAKE AD THRESH HAPPEN. In URF, he gains almost nothing useful. I guess he can hook more people. I guess he can drop more boxes. I guess he can throw some lanterns. But compare this to literally anyone else in URF and it will become pretty clear that Thresh gives you absolutely nothing. If you want to pick Thresh, take Blitzcrank instead. You’re welcome. (Ryan)

Draven is bad and nobody can handle him. Arguably, Draven could be very good in URF if you’re good at Draven. In the chaos, it’s extremely hard to catch your axes and people will target will the axes land. The low cooldown on your ultimate seems fun, but it’s up less than you’d want it to be. His Blood Rush is off cooldown by the time it wears off, so while you’re a speedy boy, your DPS isn’t that great if you’re fumbling axes. (Julia)

Katarina already has such low cooldowns, that when playing against other champions with disgustingly low cooldowns, she just gets outclassed. It’s way easier to interrupt a Katarina when everyone’s CC is on a 4 second cooldown. She’s just not the best for URF, but she’s still the best at carrying your games in Silver. (Julia)

Udyr doesn’t even get a long description because he doesn’t need one. When you are a form based champion, nobody cares how short your cooldowns are. Go home. (Ryan)

Tahm Kench is a champion that only I love, so I am surely the only one who is sad to see him suck in URF. Tahm’s main damage ability is his devour, the cooldown for which doesn’t really matter much. So with your wonderful cooldowns and endless mana, you basically just get to throw your tongue out at people a lot. In some ways, maybe that makes him the best URF pick, as just tongue lashing people over and over again is gross and very demoralizing. But in most scenarios, you gotta bench the Kench. :( (Ryan)


Garen is probably one of my least favorite champions to see in my games: normal or otherwise. This dude is built to help new players by being easy, but is instead a jerk that spins and spins and spins and spins and sp- ... in URF specifically, Garen literally never stops spinning. The dream has been realized. Pack up your stuff and go home, this unkillable whirling idiot has ruined everyone’s fun. The last game of URF I played was against a Garen, and I haven’t played an URF game since. (Ryan)

Dr. Mundo is a monster. He doesn’t seem to ever lose health despite the fact that he can almost constantly throw cleavers. If you’re good at landing skill shots, don’t reroll this guy. Your opponent will fall to a slow and painful death as they attempt to outrun your cleavers. Never in my life have I heard my friends giggle like school girls until the time I heard them playing Dr. Mundo in URF. (Julia)

Vayne is annoying in normals and she’s worse in URF. Her constant ability to tumble makes her slippery as well as disgusting in damage output. The general URF attack speed boost is perfect for Vayne, as she’ll get off her Silver Bolts proc quickly. Watch champions go down in a blink of an eye. (Julia)

Lee Sin is terrifying in URF. He’s jumping everywhere, executing people with a single kick that has a low cooldown ... if you see him ward jump over the wall, you know your life is over. If you’re trying to catch him, good luck. He’s jumping away. My friend giggled with joy after building a Duskblade of Draktharr and a Hextech Gunblade on the monk, annihilating carries in one shot. He went 18/5/9, so this one’s for you, Johnny. (Julia)

Soraka is another pick that my friends were telling me to reroll. “You can’t spam her heal, man! You’ll die!” said one of them. Okay, but I’m not trash, so as I spam Astral Infusion, I’m going to spam Starcall and I’m going to regen everything. Spirit Visage + Ardent Censor = Soraka isn’t dying anytime soon. Her ultimate is on about a 30 second cooldown in URF, but the best part about her kit is definitely Starcall. (Julia)


Lux is the URF poster child, right next to Ezreal. Yes, you can spam Final Spark and her other skills, but it’s not as great or fun as everyone might make it seem. Playing against her is frustrating as hell, but I can easily say that I do not become giddy with excitement when I roll Lux. Her skills don’t have super long cooldowns in normal games and something about playing her just doesn’t feel that fun. You play her for your team because you’ll probably win with her, but not to have fun. (Julia)

Malphite is the champ that everyone wants a pentakill on, and no, you will not get it. Too many times are URF games lost because some guy rolls Malph and wants to go glass cannon so he can obliterate people with his ultimate. It’s fun to be that guy, but you’re doing a disservice to your team. Also there isn’t much else you can do while you’re ultimate is on its short cooldown. You’re just going to get kited and killed whenever you don’t have it up. (Julia)

Singed is not good. While running around with your poison permanently on sounds great, you’re not actually putting out good damage in comparison to the people using real skills on your team. In fact, you’re not doing much, people are most likely building magic resist anyway and you’re bald and gross. Sorry, Singed fans. Reroll that ugly boy. (Julia)

Bard seems like he should be so good. But he isn’t, he really, really isn’t. But he does so much damage in normal games, you say. But his cooldowns are already so short, you say. All of these things are true! Unfortunately, Bard has one damage ability and is but a simple bag of wind. When you put him up against people with tons of high damage abilities on literally no cooldown, Bard seems a little wimpy in comparison. Also, it is hard to collect charms when you are always dead, so your Meeps won’t help you out much either. (Ryan)

Gangplank is a pirate, but he is not a good URF champion. Sorry, you can’t be both. All of GP’s damage relies on his ability to blow you up with barrels. In a world where everyone has normal cooldowns, getting that damage out is easy. However, when Ahri’s dash is up every 15 seconds, it is pretty hard to catch her with a barrel. Everyone can flash onto your or away from you in no time. Basically, the barrels take too long to set up to actually pay off. If you want to play people up with barrels, jump into your solo queue games and do it there. (Ryan)