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Watch SK Telecom T1 vs Afreeca Freecs right here

Are the world champions ready to turn the corner, or will Afreeca shock the world?

After an unpredictable and exciting Summer Split, the LCK playoffs have finally come. As it has been for the last several years, the LCK will be playing a gauntlet style playoffs where the lowest two seeds play first, in this case Afreeca Freecs and SK Telecom T1, before advancing to face the likes of Samsung Galaxy, then kt Rolster and finally Longzhu Gaming in the finals.

Over the last two years it’s been pretty hard to imagine that SK Telecom could end up eliminated from the LCK Playoffs in the first round, but here we are. Afreeca and SKT have met on two previous occasions this year with SK Telecom narrowly winning their first series of the year and losing the second, just two weeks ago, horribly in a 2-0 sweep.

This series was played on August 12 and the winner went on to play Samsung Galaxy in the Quarter-Finals of the LCK Summer Split Playoffs.