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Watch us attempt to stream Kayn on the PBE

We will also be chatting about the newly revealed Urgot update.

Hello, and welcome to The Rift Herald’s twitch stream. I am Ryan Gilliam, gameplay lead at The Rift Herald. And I will be jumping on the PBE to test out some Kayn. If anyone out there has a PBE account and wants to group up, send Stark Fanatic a friend request on the PBE servers.

If we can get Kayn in a normal game that would be great, but otherwise I will probably be testing him out in some custom games, showing off his skills and abilities. While I will be testing and talking about Kayn for most of the stream, I will also be trying to touch on the newly revealed Urgot rework (oh my god).

Come check out the stream and follow us on Twitch to get notified when we go live in the future. Jump in chat, say hello and lets see what this new champion can do.