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TSM take down Fnatic to start Rift Rivals 3-0

Despite coming into the tournament as favorites, Fnatic fall to 1-2.

Riot Games

Team SoloMid take down Fnatic to bring NA to 6-3 overall at Rift Rivals 2017 with Europe falling to 3-6 in the tournament so far.

Both teams drafted pick compositions that relied on strong early games being transitioned into early objectives. Fnatic committed to top lane taking the tower at 7 minutes and camping Hauntzer who gave away 3 kills early on. However, Fnatic lost just a little too much for the camp losing both an early Ocean Drake, a tower of their own and three waves of minions. This play wound up a near perfect miniature of the game as a whole.

Fnatic went for kills constantly and managed to pull off a few solid skirmishes, but struggled to find consistent meaningful objectives as the game transitioned from early to mid. Instead, TSM got 4 dragons and a healthy gold lead despite a kill difference that they didn’t make up until almost 30 minutes.

By the time the game actually made it to 30 minutes there was nothing Fnatic could do as Team SoloMid took down two inhibitors and the Nexus thanks to Baron buff and a massive gold lead.

TSM vs FNC 32:41

Riot Games