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Rift Rivals 2017 LCK/LPL/LMS: schedule, streams and results

No three regions have more international history than these, which makes for a perfect Rift Rivals face off.

Riot Games

The LPL has won LCK/LPL/LMS Rift Rivals 2017 in a 3-1 series win in the Finals against he LCK. This is the second time the LPL has won out over the LCK in an international tournament with the first being the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational.

Because of the tournament format, none of the teams knew who they would be up against moving into the finals so each of the matches was planned by the coaches on the fly. The first match was a slow burn with Samsung Galaxy putting up a 45 minute fight that was ultimately lost to Edward Gaming.

In game two, World Champions SK Telecom T1 fell to Team WE in a quick and decisive 32 minute match. kt Rolster secured the only victory for the LCK as they dismantled OMG 17-5 in kills with an almost 20k gold lead by the end of the game. However, LPL closed out the series with a victory from Royal Never Give Up against MVP in an almost 60 minute game.

The top four teams from each region will attend the tournament as representatives of their regions.

  • LCK: SK Telecom T1, Samsung Galaxy, kt Rolster and MVP
  • LPL: Team WE, Royal Never Give Up, Edward Gaming and OMG
  • LMS: Flash Wolves, ahq e-Sports Club, J Team and Machi

Each region will play the other in four games before a semifinal between the regions with the second and third best record, before the top two teams face off in a best-of-five relay style finals.

Riot Games

This post will be updated live with the tournament including GAME RESULTS.

Group Stages

Day 1 - July 6, 2017

  • J Team vs Samsung Galaxy, 11-7
  • MVP vs OMG, 14-12
  • Samsung Galaxy vs Edward Gaming, 15-13
  • M17 vs OMG, 25-13
  • ahq eSports vs Royal Never Give Up, 12-8
  • Flash Wolves vs SK Telecom T1, 14-4

Day 2 - July 7

  • M17 vs MVP, 13-5
  • kt Rolster vs Royal Never Give Up, 22-14
  • J Team vs Edward Gaming, 11-1
  • Flash Wolves vs Team WE, 15-9
  • ahq eSports vs kt Rolster, 16-7
  • SK Telecom T1 vs Team WE, 18-2

Semifinals - July 8

  • J Team vs Team WE, 17-9
  • OMG vs Flash Wolves, 19-4
  • ahq e-Sports Club vs Edward Gaming, 29-19
  • Royal Never Give Up vs Machi, 17-2
  • Flash Wolves vs Team WE, 17-12

Finals - July 9

Samsung Galaxy vs Edward Gaming, 20-7

Team WE vs SK Telecom T1, 22-8

kt Rolster vs OMG, 17-5

Royal Never Give Up vs MVP, 13-14