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Urgot's updated lore tells us how scary he is

Never underestimate a man who is willing to replace his legs with shotguns.

Urgot has changed from the weird, lumpy sack of potatoes that he was into ... a really scary crab man (that also still kinda looks like a lumpy sack of potatoes, but in a hot way). Well, despite his potato-y build, his new lore is as terrifying and bad ass as you would expect.

It turns out that Urgot was once the prized headsman (fancy word for executioner) of none other than Noxus. He was strong and prided himself on the stack of bodies that he had created for his country, eliminating Noxus’ enemies one axe swing at a time. But like all success stories in Noxus, things eventually turn sour for Urgot.

He was sent on a mission to Zaun, only to find himself in a trap. This was strategically done to keep Urgot out of the capital when Swain, Noxus’ current leader, deposed the rulers of Noxus and stole the high seat for himself. This is an interesting new note for Swain, hopefully something that we will hear more about when his rework hits.

Locked deep in a large, underground prison, Urgot became unsure of himself. However, when he was interrogated for information and tortured, he found that his fear turned to laughter. He drove the Chem-Baron running the prison back to the surface, and took over a section of it for himself. At this point, Urgot began to change, replacing his weaknesses with metal, turning himself into mostly machine.

In a uprising of Urgot’s private sector, after he had amassed a large amount of incarcerated followers, a chemtech vein deep below Zaun exploded. The blast shook the city, killed countless people and allowed Urgot and his criminal underground to rise toward the surface. Urgot now runs something between a mob and a revolutionary force. He only accepts survivors, and if he spots weakness in you, nothing can stop the horrors that he will inflict.

In a separate story for Urgot, entitled the Son of Ur, we follow a group of Zaunite street punks. After robbing someone, they come across a scene of chaos. Some monster has just obliterated an entire market place, killing a Chem-Baron and their crew. As the ruffians move closer, it becomes clear that the monster isn’t a monster at all, but a man turned machine — Urgot.

As Urgot ends the Chem-Baron’s life, he turns to our protagonist and unleashes his manifesto.

He laughed. “The baron, you recognize him? Like many, he tried to rule this city, casting countless people into the depths, to mine this…” He breathed in deeply as the gases swirled. “…this misery. Now he is no more, killed by that which gave him power over others. It is you, the gutter rat, at home in the squalor, who survives. So, tell me, which of you is stronger? Which of you deserves to live?

Urgot kills the friends of the protagonist, but allows them to escape, preaching to horrific gospel of the mechanized menace.

Urgot’s new story and bio paint the picture of a man that is obsessed with power, but may actually have the means to back up his talks of revolution. More importantly, buried under this story is a suggestion of several things to come. You know who else hates the Chem-Barons? Zac. Camille. Warwick. Perhaps there is a meeting in their future.

More interesting than any of that though is the use of the word “usurper” to describe Swain in Urgot’s bio. An usurper is someone who hold the throne but has no legitimate claim to it. This concept is of course in the eyes of the beholder, meaning that usurper is what Urgot thinks regarding Swain. At this point, there are quite a few connections between Zaun and Noxus. Could we be looking toward a large scale coup d'état against Swain and the current Noxian regime? The Zaunites have been underestimated for years, but perhaps under Urgot’s leadership they can rise to new heights.