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Bjergsen becomes 1st mid laner to reach 1,000 kill milestone in NA LCS

NA’s most famous player reaches an important milestone!

Riot Games

Team SoloMid’s midlaner, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, got his 1000th NA LCS regular season kill against Echo Fox during the first game of their series on Sunday. The play came at a critical moment in the game for TSM as they held a tentative lead and were trying to force Echo Fox off of the Baron.

Alongside the career milestone, gained thanks to his two kills in the fight, it was Bjerg’s engage that proved to be the deciding factor in the play as he trapped four players in the Baron Pit allowing his team to help finish them and the Baron off. The play would help TSM secure the victory, in a series the team would later win 2-1.

This is a huge milestone for Bjerg who is the most popular star in the North American LCS. Joining Team SoloMid in the Spring Split of 2014 after a promising 2013 debut in EU, Bjerg quickly set himself apart from the other North American mid laners thanks to the consistency of his play, his ability to win lane and the shear variety of champions he is able to play at a competitive level.