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ARAM bug causes hilarious and terrifying killer minions

That’s probably not supposed to happen.

In a Reddit thread by user Tegkeez, a new hilarious bug was brought to people’s attention: your own minions attacking you in ARAM.

Hilariously enough, the blue team had to surrender because they couldn’t get the objectives on the map. (I mean, what else can you do if you can’t take the base?) So even though the red team was betrayed by their minions, they still won!

Red team players can’t seem to make it too far out of their base without getting eventually executed. The blue team was being attacked by the red minions as well.

It’s unknown what caused this seemingly very rare bug, but we can expect it to be patched soon. If you run into the bug on the Howling Abyss, your best bet is just to surrender and try again.

Maybe the minions are sick and tired of working for us and this is their revolt? We do treat them pretty badly. Sorry, little guys.