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Zven gives candy to teammates for ganks

That’s one way to get the job done.

Riot Games

In a recent article on Slingshot Esports by Kelsey Moser, G2 Esports mid laner Luka “PerkZ” Perković said that during scrims, AD carry Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen rewards him with candy when he ganks the bot lane.

Perković was talking about an early roam Thursday against H2K when the conversation turned to sweets.

I died to gank later. It’s completely my fault. Not because I went bot. So, basically I fucked my lane a little bit, but I got a pretty big advantage for my bot lane. So I think it’s always worth, and also in scrims, Zven rewards me with a candy if I gank bot, so I do it.

While most people laughed along, Svenningsen tweeted that it’s true — anyone who ganks bot will be rewarded with one piece of candy per gank.

Maybe this is a lesson for us all to teach our team to gank for us in exchange for sweets. While we all can’t give our solo queue teammates candy, we can offer them honor in exchange. (You can’t give them all honor for ganking, though. You’ll have to sort that part out yourself.)

All that candy must be working because G2 looks to be off their slump, beating H2K 2-1 in their week 7 match. Better stock up on those sweets, Ocelote.