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Welcome to the new Rift Herald site!

We’re the same, but we’re also kind of different.

Hey, Rift Herald readers! I’m Julia Lee and I’ll be managing The Rift Herald from here on out with help from our lovely writers, Pete Volk, Austen Goslin, Philip Kollar and Ryan Gilliam. It’s the crew you love as usual, but you might also see some new faces around here in the future.

As you’ve noticed, the site looks a little bit different than it did before. We have transitioned from our start as a scrappy SB Nation blog and are now officially a part of Polygon’s network!

This change is happening along with the launch of two new gaming communities: Heroes Never Die for Overwatch and The Flying Courier for Dota 2. This is all very exciting and new for us and we hope it’s exciting for you, too!

The content on our site will be the same as usual, but everything might look a little different. We also might try out some new fun things, like different video content, streams and the like, so stay tuned!

With this, you’ve also seen the demise of FanPosts and FanShots. Community input is very important to us, so please continue to chime in in the comments! We will also be accepting freelance pitches, for those so inclined.

You can check out the site’s revamped social media on Twitter and Facebook!